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Fun at the Great Missenden Christmas Festival

As a studio without a shop front, we have to work hard to let people know where we are and what we do. We advertise locally, post on Facebook and Instagram and drop our postcards through doors wherever we go.

Yesterday we wanted to make sure Great Missenden knew that we had moved into the Abbey, so we took a spot at the Great Missenden Christmas Festival with our fun competition. Visitors had to "guess the number of baubles in the bathroom" of Harriet's childhood doll's house. In return they received a chocolate, had the chance to win a small christmas hamper and found out all about us!! We are very lucky to have friends and family with great ideas to help make K&H Interiors a success - thank you Lynda!

It was a cold cold afternoon and evening but hot tea or mulled wine, paella and friendly visitors kept us from freezing. Such a welcoming community with lots of people happy to meet us and hopefully happy to spread the news!

So here are a few photos from the occasion. Enjoy!!

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